How to Plan a $5,000 Wedding (Or Less!)

When I got engaged shortly after New Years 2016, I had no idea what it would take to plan, organize, and pay for a wedding. After the initial "freshly engaged" glow, the details of wedding planning rampaged through my life like a car at a monster truck rally. 

Because my husband is from the U.K., we knew we'd be planning two weddings for our friends and family, which meant we needed to keep our budget as low as possible. Thankfully, I learned a few very useful tips along the way. 

So, from one "budget bride" to another, here are some simple ways to keep your wedding at $5,000 or less:

1. Consider a Cheaper Venue


Wedding venues are notoriously costly. If you can find a venue that will suit your needs for under $1,000, you can then afford to add those special touches you've always dreamed about. Potentially inexpensive options are: local parks, backyards, ranches, church halls, or even the beach!

2. Splurge on Photography


It is true what they say, you'll forget most things about the day, but the pictures you will always have with you!


3. Buy a "Pre-Loved" Dress


With wedding dress prices soaring out of control, why not buy an up-cycled dress of your dreams, instead of settling for something your aren't too keen on! 


4. DIY the Small Stuff


Let's be real, Pinterest has spoiled us all. Before the days of Pinterest, we had no idea all the adorable ways you could amp up your wedding game! Thankfully, many of those gorgeous pics we've seen are totally doable for the DIY bride. Instead of buying everything ready-made, figure out the things you can do yourself at a fraction of the cost.


5. Ask for Practical Help Instead of Presents

 Worried about getting 8 toasters and a mini fridge as wedding presents? Why not utilize the people around you who are creative and would probably love to help! Organize a bridesmaids night where you all watch fun movies and create centerpieces, or ask your musically talented friends to help with the evening's entertainment.


So, that's it! Hopefully these tips have sparked some ideas as to how you can keep your wedding beautiful and under budget! 


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